Business Strategy for Lawyers

Amitai Aviram

Course Outline & Class Slides


·         PowerPoint presentations are available by clicking on the hyperlinked class topic.  These presentations are made available solely as study-aids for the use of students in the course, and are not to be modified, sold or transferred to others.


1. Framework

a. Introduction to BSL

b. What is business strategy?

c. Business intelligence

d. The value pool


2. The strategic environment: competition

a. Economics of competition

b. Substitution

c. Entry

d. Rivalry

e. The supply chain


3. The individual firm: strategic actions

a. Strategic traits

b. Differentiation

c. Coordination

d. Confrontation

e. Review: integrating the course’s components


4. Corporate finance

a. Capital markets

b. Valuation

c. Financial engineering


5. The business of law

a. Law firms

b. In house & corporate compliance

c. Economic regulation


6. Management skills

a. Project management

b. Negotiating

c. Leadership


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